These are the people who make up Clockwork Cow Studios.

Shoprocks is the director for Pocketwatch Discord. She also is an animator, writer, and designer. She likes her magical girls like she likes her gay men: combined, and animated. She is currently jobless, hopeless, and overstressed. She spends most of her time slaving over the internet, incessantly bothering the rest of Clockwork Cow, and fanatically obsessing over Pwii, the REAL brains of the operation.

AjWolftill (LunarDusk on Sjeeves)
AJ is a writer, voice actor, and director of music, a title well-earned. AJ is one of them more recent members, but works extremely hard to prove he really deserves a spot in our family. AJ will be doing the voice of Magpie. AJ's favorite color is yellow for some reason, as that's what he writes in at the google docs. This causes everybody to ignore him, but we like to think it's the effort that counts. AJ's goal in life is to surpass Pwii, his eternal rival, but as he realizes how much farther he has to go to achieve that, his mental state starts to slip...

Owlgravy is a writer, musical producer, and voice actor. Owlgravy liked to play Tabletop games, and is very bad at them. They make him DM so he can stop screwing up their party. Owlgravy likes to talk about putting people in people tanks and SCIENCE. Once Owlgravy gets brainstorming, it's impossible to stop him, and he fills up entire Google Docs with his rantings about science and plot. It is currently unkown whether he actually does eat owls in gravy, but the investigation is ongoing. It is believed that Owlgravy joined the project to get to know Pwii, his childhood idol, better.

Suneda is a designer and animator. Suneda doesn't post very much on Smackjeeves, which makes it hard for Pwii to stalk her and find defining characteristics to talk about. It's not even known what gender Suneda is. It may be that Suneda is trying to take over Clockwork Cow from the inside, but is laying low now. Hopefully, Suneda's undying devotion to Pwii will stop her.

Rinncake is an animator, character designer, web designer, and everything-else designer. She has a hard time figuring out whether certain Smackjeevians are male or female, which places her a little above Pwii, who had no idea his coworkers had genders to begin with. On Skype, she goes by the mysterious title of A.B., which just serves to confuse everyone more. But Rinncake has always been vindictive. Rinncake seems to like the color pink a lot. Rinncake was once arrested for overzealously stalking Pwii, but got out on a technicality.

Horsedeer is actually neither a horse OR deer, but a character designer and writer. It is assumed that Horsedeer is a person, but it is not confirmed. All that is known about Horsedeer is that they have a strange obsession with Ice Cream.

Pwii is a writer, editor, character designer, general designer, storyboarder, musician, and generally the face of Clockwork Cow. The name Clockwork Cow was even his idea. He tirelessly works on storyboards, one-upping everyone's expectations time and time again. Why, he even wrote this description page. And whenever he speaks in the meetings (which is a lot) the e-room goes silent at his wisdom, seconds before they all laud and approve of his ideas. Pwii is also Batman (a little known fact) and constantly talks about himself. He is the glue that holds the Studio together*. Until they met him, they were just a ragtag group of revolutionaries. Now, they are...


*Except that it's actually Shoprocks who did that

Former members

Lain was an animator and storyboarder before being kidnapped and held at a higher ransom than we could be bothered to pay. Lain created animation for the project before even joining Clockwork Cow studios, which is pretty impressive. Lain is mysterious, and secretive. Many reports have been made linking Lain to various incidents, but none stuck. All that is known for sure is that Lain worships the ground Pwii walks on, and has volunteered to die for him on numerous occasions.

MusicGirl was a composer. Pwii dragged her into the project, and was allegedly blackmailing her to create music during her time here. She worked tirelessly to create music, and continuously blew everyone away by her talent. It is said that Shoprocks was so moved by her first piece that she stole a two-minute comic from Tumblr in honor of her. Of course, she would be nothing without Pwii, her teacher and guide through the recording and preforming process.

Inter is a designer, animator, and honorary alumnus. Inter designed a blimp, but since no one likes her, no one payed any attention to it. Since Inter is insane, she prefers to work on finals instead of the anime. Inter wanted to storyboard a certain fight scene, but since no one likes her, no one payed any attention to that. Inter views Pwii as a brother, and was once in a constant state of working for his approval. Sadly, Inter has college, and has since stopped doing work. But CC Studios will always remember her, and she will always be welcome.

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