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An update for our lovely fans

It's been awhile, huh? You've no doubt noticed out "Episode doneness calculator" up there. In keeping with our Victorian influences, with every 10% of the episode we complete, you'll be all the closer to seeing Pearl's ankles. Scandalous!

About a week ago we finished the visual part of our "rough cut," where we put all our storyboards and animatics in order. It drew light to a few problems we'll need to address, but now we can tell you with full confidence that it kind of sort of looks like an episode of something! All the while, our musicians have been slaving over their respective editing programs and makeshift recording studios.

I leave you (for now) with the note I gave to our staff:

Браво! We got the rough cut done on time, and it glimmers with the potential of a thousand Russian mail-order brides. Pwii and I created storyboards with the speed and efficiency of an assembly line while somehow maintaining artisanlike quality. Reading the script made me laugh like an actor performing a very serious scene who's just remembered something hilarious. Owlgravy's music is like an organized midi explosion, Fright's riffs are a trip into garage band nostalgia, and AJ's compositions are sorrowful goodbyes to the things we want to hold onto but know we can't. Let us keep with this momentum as if we were cars on a hill with malfunctioning parking brakes! Just take care that we don't kill any pedestrians, and I do mean that one literally as well as figuratively."

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