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Wth is this?
An anime collab.

What is your anime about?
15 or so lunatics receive invitations to board a mysterious zeppelin. When the zeppelin crashes, they realize they are in the middle of a sinister sort of tournament.

Who are you guys and where are you from?
For the most part we're a bunch of teenagers and twentysomethings fumbling around with our computers. Lots of us are English, some are American, and some are of indiscriminate European descent. One of us is Batman.

How much have you done so far?
Characters, general storyline, some episode scripts, story ideas, a trailer, tons of music, and all the storyboards for the first episode.

Can I do ____ for you guys?
Probably! See below for available positions and how to join.

Why are you on Smackjeeves and not some other web site?
I'm...not sure. Smackjeeves rules? For some reason, it's the most convenient way to keep each other updated. Eventually we'll be posting comics here that have to do with the story, kind of like companions to the actual anime.

Why don't you do a fanime of [Mokepon/Harry Potter/etc]?
Because we're busy with our current one! ;D We want to finish The Pocketwatch Discord before we start anything else too ambitious. I can't make any promises now, but there will probably be something in the works after we're done with this.

How long will it take you to finish this one, then?
A couple years, probably. We've got a lot of episodes planned.

Fine, then I'll start a fanime of my own!
That's not much of a question, but good for you! If you do, I (Shoprocks, the director) will be willing to give you some advice about what I've learnt so far. This is my email address.

Can I submit a critique/review of your anime?
That would be wonderful! Send it to
Please be civil about it, or we will put you in our wall of shame.

Didn't your trailer take six months to make?
No comment.

We spent a lot of that time developing the characters, writing the story, getting to know each other, and figuring out our process for working. We still have a lot to learn, but we'll be working much faster now.

When is episode ____ coming out?
No comment.

I want to be anime!

Into steampunk? Want to be part of something bigger than yourself? Are you just madly in love with Shoprocks and looking for any excuse to get closer to her?

We are looking for:
Background artists

We may accept:
Voice actors

We cannot accept:

Contact us through one of the methods at the top of this page! We'll see what we can do for you.


The Staff Review Process

We can't accept everyone who walks through our doors. Please have the following ready when you apply to be a staff member!

For animators
  • Link us to (or email us) any of your online artwork, even if it's not animation.
  • Draw one or more of our characters. Find reference videos here.
  • If you'd like, give us a little sample animation of whatever you want.
  • If we choose you (Pikachu), we'll assign you a short scene. You'll have a week to animate it. Prove yourself! If you do a good job, we'll give ya more stuff to do.

For background artists
  • Link us to (or email us) any of your online artwork.

  • Link us to (or email us) a recording and tell us which instruments you'll be able to play.
  • In particular, we are looking for violinists and accordion players, but other instruments are cool.

Voice actors
  • We can't guarantee you'll get a part, but you can send us a demo reel anyway. We have voice actors chosen for our major characters, but there might be an extra voice for you to do once in awhile.

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